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How do you compare to your competitors? Not sure where you place in the market? Could your brand be more unique or stand out? These are the questions you have answered when you book a brand consultation.

Everything from your logo and colour scheme, to your stationery and advertising layouts will be reviewed and inspected. Once all of the necessary samples and information about your business are gathered, a brand report is compiled for you – including information such as: a competitor brand analysis, branding suggestions, positioning ideas, cost saving solutions, and outlining a strategy to make your brand grow.
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Milk can provide advice on current marketing trends and direction.

Whether you need information on what new marketing opportunities would benefit you, or if you need advice on how to make the most of your advertising budget – milk can help.

So facebook isn’t a book of faces, and twitter isn’t a website for bothersome people or birds. Milk can fill you in on what you’re missing out on and show you how your business can reap the benefits. Social media, advertising mediums, pr opportunities or creative guerilla marketing techniques – there’s something you can improve on.

So you’ve got a strong brand, and a great market presence – but you need a plan for where to go next and how take it further.

Let milk help you position yourself for the future.

Whether it’s the strategy behind your next campaign or a new direction to focus your staff. Aligning your vision, processes, advertising spend and culture with your message is critical. Strategic planning ensures consistency, purpose, results – and that your clients always leave you with a great impression.

In such a competitive market place brand loyalty is the holy grail.

Without an effective brand strategy that encompasses all elements of your business brand loyalty (and longevity) is just a pipe dream.

Your brand needs to convey a strong, consistent message at all times through all sources. It needs to position your business cleverly, and uniquely to your competition - you need to stand above the rest.  Each time your clients see you or interact with you, your message and identity should be clear.

Milk can work with you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your overall brand – and to develop a brand strategy so that your image is consistent and strong – always.

Points addressed may include:

  • Logo
  • Colour use
  • Typography
  • Stationery design & use
  • Culture
  • Market Positioning
  • Composition
  • Communication
  • Advertising methods
  • Advertising layouts
  • Reputation
  • PR & promo methods
  • Online presence
  • Target market
  • Values & Mission
  • Consistency
  • Goals
  • Competition & Industry